30 weeks!

Thirty weeks sounds absolutely crazy to me. We are so close to meeting our little princess now and I could not possibly be any more excited! Other than the inability to sleep or even get comfortable on the couch most of the time I am feeling pretty great. Well minus the almost constant back pain. But still, things are going pretty great.

This has been a pretty eventful week for us. We had our appointment to check my placenta on Tuesday and received nothing but good news. While my placenta is still low-lying it is no longer considered even partial placenta previa. In case you that makes absolutely no sense to you, this is great news. It essentially means that I no longer have to have a c-section. For someone who would like to give the whole natural birth thing a try this news really meant a lot to me.

As for miss Sadie, she is growing so nicely. They estimate her weight to be around three pounds and her head measuring a week ahead (ouch). We saw every bone in her little foot and the poor girl is going to have big feet like her Momma because they were measuring about 2 inches long. Our sweet little girl was sticking her tongue out at us and wiggling all around. She has found her favorite spot in my ute which is pressing her head as far out as possible creating this weird lopsided look to my belly.

Other exciting news this week came from our best friends, who also happen to be expecting. They are having a girl! I am beyond thrilled for them. We already do almost everything together as it is and now with us both expecting little girls, just three months apart, I can only imagine the trouble we will get into :)

The last bit of exciting news has nothing to do with babies whatsoever... The Cardinals magically squeezed their way into the playoffs and are now tied 1-1 in their series against the Phillies. This may cause me to go into preterm labor... I get just a little bit excited about the Cardinals in case you didn't know.

I think that is enough rambling for one day. Hope you all are having a great Monday!


  1. Amazing. You are almost there. Hang in there.

  2. i can't believe you are this far along! it seems like you JUST announced you were prego. so happy to hear things are going well!

  3. NOW the count DOWN has begun! So excited for you!!!

  4. NOW the count DOWN has begun! So excited for you!!!



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