Steppin' Out {29 weeks}

top: H&M maternity
capris: Motherhood Maternity
bag: Coach
shoes: Dillards (clearance!)

Again the whole working too many weekends thing has prevented me from participating lately and although I worked Saturday I was lucky enough to have today off. We did a little shopping, had brunch with some awesome friends (where I almost licked my plate clean due to the yummy-ness of my eggs florentine), and are spending the rest of the day watching football and cleaning up around the house. It's a nice little Sunday.

This week we go back to MFM to check on that darn placenta of mine. Hopefully we will receive all good news and (fingers crossed) wont have to see MFM again. Other than that everything is progressing wonderfully. Sadie has been stretching and pulling my belly in every direction possible and it has become increasingly difficult not to purchase every baby item on Etsy.... I will leave you with a 29 week bump:


  1. Thanks! It's my favorite maternity top!

  2. Good for you. You look great!

  3. Cute top! And your bump looks soooo do you!

  4. You look good. I love the bump :)



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