It's that time again...

Fantasy Bachelor time that is!

If you're new around these parts I've blogged about our "draft" here and gave an example of how the whole thing works here. We have a group of six ladies for this season and had our big draft last night before the premiere. There was a ridiculous amount of cheese, sparkling wine, and gossip! I loved every minute of it! All six of us are still a little skeptical of this years Bachelor, Brad Womack. Even though I didn't see his season the first time around, I'm just not sure if he has a whole lot of personality or charm despite his good looks.

Let's get to the good stuff... the chosen ladies! I started the night off with ten "interesting" ladies but after the big cut I am down to six. Here they are:

(Keep in mind that these ladies were picked before I knew anything about them other then looks, age, and occupation.)

First impressions:

Ashley S. - My first pick and a good one. She seems sweet, has an adorable accent, and made me cry within the first 2 minutes since she, too, recently lost her dad. Seems to be a girl next door/ sweet southern belle type.

Chantal - She was drafted somewhere in the middle. She is very pretty but wasn't shown a whole lot so that's all I have to go by right now.

Lisa M. - Based on her little questionnaire thing I thought she was going to be a total hippie but she showed up over spray tanned and in ruby slippers (which I actually thought were cute). She's one of those that might slip through the cracks for a little while but doesn't have a ton of personality.

Kimberly - Wait who? I only picked her because she's from Orlando.

Madison - Um. The girl has fangs. Like on purpose and permanent. I picked her because she was supposed to be the hot model but it works out because she is the crazy person and they always get lots of points :)

Emily - My fave! Sweet southern belle. Gorgeous. Seems really genuine. I heart her.

So what do you think ladies? Do I have a winner amongst my girls? Who are you rooting for?


  1. ahhhhh, yes! wish so badly that i could join in on this amazing event.

  2. I know! You would love it :)

  3. Woo hoo! Love me some Bachelor. I can't play though cause I know all the spoilers. That would be cheating :)



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