Oh hai 2011!

The new year got off to a bit of a rough start. The hubs grandpa passed away last week and he traveled to Ohio for the funeral while I stayed here with the pups. Being away from the hubs is no fun, especially on New Years. We had plans to go out with friends to celebrate but with the hubs away and me working so much I decided to stay home with the pups instead. We talked on the phone at midnight, watched the ball drop on tv and I had two very slobbery midnight kisses.

Since I spent the first minutes of 2011 alone I decided that the first day of the year should be different. What better way to start off a new year than with a themed party? You all know how much I love a themed party!

Oh yes, I attended a Lumberjack party. Try not to be jealous. It was so full of the awesome it's hard to explain. But I'll try :)

lumberjack snacks = flap jacks galore, bacon, maple syrup, hot dogs (wrapped in pancakes), pigs in a blanket, and blueberries
there were sparklers, dance battles, and plenty of beer
It was a nice start to the year, the only thing missing was my hubby. But he should be back to me tomorrow! I'm looking forward to many more themed parties and good times with friends that this new year will surely bring :)


  1. what an awesome theme! love it. sorry for your hubs' loss and that you had to celebrate the new year without him. at least you had the poochies!

  2. what a fun theme! love the sparkler 2011 picture...we tried this, unsuccessful!




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