Steppin' Out Saturday 1-29-11

sweater: american eagle
jeans: aerie
boots: steve madden

For the first time in a while we actually went out on a Saturday night... but this is actually from Friday night. I'm such a cheater. We went out for dinner with the hubs co-workers on Friday and I stayed up way past by bed time.

Then after a fun day at work (no really. that's not sarcasm, I actually have fun at work most of the time) I quickly changed and went out with our friends for some cheese and wine. And by "some" I mean a lot! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to snap a picture. Luckily I was expecting myself to be a grandma and stay at home so I had taken one the night before.

Can't wait to see everyone's outfits this week :)


  1. I do believe I have these same Steve Madden boots! They are so comfortable and I just love them! Cute top too!

  2. You look too cute! So fun to have an unexpected night out!



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