My new lover

Up until about a month ago I have been a Walgreens/CVS make-up kind of girl. Any brand you can find in their make-up aisles, I have tried. With no success I should add. But it was all I knew! I have never been good at applying make-up, my "day time" and "night time" applications were identical, so I figured why spend a ton of money on make-up I don't even know how to apply. It seemed like it would be a waste on me. Boy was I wrong!

Once I started working my lovely twelve hour shifts at the hospital I finally realized how crappy my make-up really was. By the end of the day my face was shiny and any presence of makeup had completely disappeared. I looked tired (which I totally was but no one needs to know that by looking at me!) and felt like I needed to wash my face before even leaving work. That's when I knew it was time to shell out some cash and graduate to some big girl make-up.

I took a trip to MAC. Need I really say more? It's make-up heaven! A lovely man helped me pick out the perfect foundation, a brilliant concealer and an eye shadow that would complement my scrubs. This stuff rocks! I totally fell in love. Not only did I receive compliments the next day at work but I left at the end of the day with my face still in-tact and looking just like I did when I walked in that morning (only more awake).

The hubs saw how much I liked my new stuff so for our anniversary (which was amazing) he made me an appointment at MAC to have my make-up done and bought me what they used. I know, the hubs rocks!

This is the beginning of a beautiful, and very expensive, relationship.

Not only did they do my make-up beautifully but they also showed me how to do it myself and other little tricks I had somehow not learned in my twenty four years of life. I'm trying to be a little more adventurous with it and it's just so much fun!

Next big girl venture: learning how to do my hair.

Why was I such a tom boy growing up?


  1. i've been fighting spending money on this stuff for so long now. i don't like the news you're giving me now. everyday i feel like i need to wash my face as soon as i get home. i guess it's time to break down and break the bank.

  2. It's so worth it! I love-love-love me some MAC!

  3. I'm totally the same way! I buy walmart makeup and half the time you can't tell I'm even wearing any. I have no clue how to change it up for any special occasions or different looks. I'm clueless!



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