I can read your mind

And I know that you are thinking: "where the heck have you been girl?"

I wish I had an awesome answer for you like "Oh, sorry I couldn't blog but I was on a European vacation" or "I have been just so busy winning the lottery and spending millions that I forgot all about the internet." Unfortunately my reasons are much more simple and boring. Work and my sicky husband have occupied most of my time. And the other small percentage that isn't taken up my those two things is dedicated to household things, like laundry and dishes, or sleep.

I think things might be getting back to "normal" now. A little less work, a little more fun, a lot more blogging :)

1 comment:

  1. I've been absent from the blog world as well. But my absence was much longer. As you can see, it's almost April and I'm catching up on your posts from January! lol



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