A wedding weekend

The weekend before Christmas the hubs and I headed down to Boca Raton for my brother-in-law and his lovely ladies wedding extravaganza. I will let the pictures do most of the talking :)

We stayed with my in-laws at an incredible hotel.
our room

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at a delicious Brazilian restaurant called Zed451. There was endless amounts of meat ["that's what she said"] and it's possible that I spent a good chunk of the night giving the hubs little cousins piggy back rides around the park across the street, good thing I wore flats.
sis-in-law & me // hubs and his momma

Saturday morning and afternoon was spent playing on the beach and enjoying time with family. It was a very rainy day but we didn't let that stop us.

After playing in the rain for a bit it was time to get everyone ready for the big event. And I must say that everyone looked stunning!
the groom & his momma and the result of a rainy day

And then there was the wedding. It was full of love and happiness. Everything a wedding should be. Also, there was almost a fire thanks to bad candle placement. I think it should be a sign of good luck since a napkin caught on fire during the mine and the hubs first dance :)
glowing bride // internet approved preacher/brother-inlaw

Sunday morning we all gathered again for a huge buffet breakfast complete with live music and champagne. We then had to pack up and head back to reality where we have portioned controlled meat and OJ with our breakfast.

We were so thankful for that time with family and to celebrate not only a new marriage but also the fact that they're expecting a little girl in a few short months. The family is growing and it's such a great thing!

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