Just in case...

Dear Santa,

I'm not sure if you remember me or not, it's been a while. But I am the girl who sent you letters with hand drawn pictures next to each item on my list and left a bag of carrot sticks next to your cookies and milk each Christmas Eve for the reindeer. Sorry about all those nights I made you late for your rounds because I kept sneaking out of bed to try and catch a glimpse of you.

Before I get started on my list for the year I feel like I need to give a big thank you for that Sega Gamegear you got me back in the early 90's. It totally rocked. Also you should know that I have gotten over that one Christmas when you didn't bring me a baby seal even though I promised that when he outgrew the bath tub I would convince my parents to get us a swimming pool to his liking. In hindsight I can see how that was smart thinking on your part.

I know you're a busy guy and making a request a week before the big day is pretty rude so I am actually going to put in a request for next Christmas. I thought you might appreciate my advance notice and clever planning. I only want one thing. A baby. A real baby though, not like the ones you used to bring me with arms that only bent at the shoulder and heads that could turn all the way around. Let me clarify, just in case, I do not want a baby whose head spins 360 degrees. I don't have any specific requests, a boy or girl would be fantastic. I would just like him/her to be healthy and I would prefer if they grew in my belly.

Don't forget that they take nine months to grow so you should probably start working your magic right after Christmas so we don't push it too close to next Christmas. You know how I hate to be late.

I also feel the need to mention that I would like my hubs to be the father. This is not a request for a sperm donation or for you to in any way father my future child. Just a little magic dust would suffice.



  1. i pray for all of this and more for you! i'm rooting for you soooo much.

    oh, and baby seal? i think someone must have seen andre a few too many times.

  2. fingers crossed, prayers said. for this & so much more for you.

  3. This totally made me tear up but the last line made me laugh out loud. I am praying that you get your Christmas wish for next year. I know you're going to be an awesome mommy! Santa has to see that too. =)

    Oh, and by the way..that year we came to St. Louis to visit you guys? Yeah, I was totally jealous of your Gamegear. lol.



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