A little Christmas cheer

Today was one of those days. You know, the ones that end in a fat lip and require a large glass of wine in order to recover from. Yeah. So instead of complaining about my day and getting myself all worked up again I am going to spread some of the Christmas spirit. Better right?

In case you were curious, no those aren't magical Christmas lights shinning on our house to make it look bright green. Our house actually is bright green. Like crayola crayon green. Like a shamrock. At least it's festive right?

Christmas decorations make me smile. And that is a much better way to end my day as opposed to a whine-fest.


  1. look how cute your house is! i hear you on the lousy day front. here's hoping that tomorrow is better.

  2. The house looks awesome! I've definitely had some of those days too!



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