Whew. The past week has been a whirl wind. Christmas cheer was spread, parties were had, family was celebrated, and there was a bit of disappointment sprinkled in there as well. There is so much to share about fancy champagne breakfasts and baskets full of love, but not today. I have been running on empty and today I just need to recover. And by recover I mean eat some chocolate, drink some wine, fold laundry and watch Lifetime Christmas movies.

After a pregnancy false alarm that teased my poor fragile heart and some other issues with my body I just need a little break. I will return after Christmas (which is only a few days away. eek!) with lots of stories and pictures to make up for my absence. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday week and a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Welcome back! The holidays are usually busy for everyone. Cute cartoon!



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