This Christmas...

well, it rocked. My mom and brother came over early on Christmas Eve and we baked cookies while my poor hubs worked.
When the hubs got home the cooking began. As well as the eating. Oooooh the eating. I may have mentioned a time or two before that my husband is one heck of a cook but he outdid himself yet again.
After eating came presents. One in particular stood out above the rest :)
We drove around looking at Christmas lights while bundled up in blankets and sipping on hot chocolate with Christmas music blaring on the radio. And then changed into our Christmas jammies that we get every year and watched Christmas Vacation before heading to bed.
Christmas day was filled with presents from Santa, banana pancakes, movie watching, and corn hole (that's a Christmas in Florida). All while remaining in our pj's.
Can you tell who won?

I hope you all had an equally amazing holiday!


  1. Cute! I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas! I love the toilet golf!

  2. shut up!!! i looked at the toilet golf on urban's website and was thisclose to getting it for eric for his stocking. it continues to boggle my mind how similar we are. glad to see you had such a great Christmas!!

  3. That toilet golf is too funny. I so need that for a gift exchange next year.



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