Steppin' Out Saturday 11.6.10

I actually stepped out this Saturday! Yay! I know how much everyone loves my pj pictures but I stepped out twice yesterday (I know, you're all shocked). First at 5am to head to work but I didn't snap a photo because you just saw a picture of me in my scrubbies. Then the hubs and I went out to dinner and met up with our awesome friends for some delicious beer after that (they put frozen blueberries in the bottom of my Sea Dog Blueberry beer, so of course it's my new favorite place). And here's what I wore:
top: Lauren Conrad (from Kohls)
jeans: Express circa 2007
shoes: White House Black Market

I did not wear my jacket in this picture because it is embarrassing. The weather here in lovely Florida literally went from 85 to 45 overnight and my closet is not at all prepared for the cold weather. I need a new jacket and boots like whoa. Hopefully I can convince the hubs of this soon and those items will be in next weeks Steppin' Out ;)


  1. love the shirt! i have a bit of an obsession with florals, basically. be honest, did you pick it out so you could match your blueberry beer?

  2. Just popped over from Mandy's SOS. Very cute outfit. Autumn is coming... so get prepared! Meanwhile, on the other side of the world (Australia), things are just heating up for us! xx

  3. Thanks ladies! And Lo, I always try to match my beers :)

  4. Cute top! I've been meaning to check out Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's. Also: blueberry beer? Sounds amazing!

  5. your outfit is too cute i love it

  6. Super cute outfit. Love those flats.
    Each time I go to Kohls to check out LC's line there is barely anything left. Maybe next time I'll have better luck.



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