Giving Thanks w/ the in-laws

I don't have any horrifically hilarious in-law stories for you. No casseroles caught on fire, there was no hair pulling or tears, the pups refrained from chowing down on the turkey, and everyone got along. Sorry to disappoint but my in-laws pretty much rock.

Instead we enjoyed some quality time with the hubs parents. We played with ate stone crab legs and saw my pregnant, soon to be sister in-law for the first time since she has had an adorable baby bump.
Mojitos were made by the pitcher. Food was consumed in large quantities. I watched the hubs shuck (is it shuck? or maybe chuck? no that can't be it...) oysters with his dad, which was quite a sight to see! Those little boogers are not as easy to get into as they make it look on tv.
The food was delicious, the company was lovely, the weather was beautiful, and the whole day was great. I hope you all had as happy a Thanksgiving as we did :)

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