Steppin' Out Saturday 11.20.10

This weekend is being cut short since I have to work tomorrow and the hubs had to work this morning but we made the most of what we had. I spent the morning running, cleaning, and helping my brother with homework. Once the hubs got off work we headed out to run some errands and do a little Christmas shopping, although I think we only bought decorations and crafting supplies. Here is what I stepped out in for our adventures in shopping:

top: Aerie (so incredibly comfy)
jeans: Aerie skinny jeans
shoes: you can't see them but they're from Target and you're not missing much

(I know, lots of Aerie but can't beat the 40% off discount!)

Hopefully we will be able to get actual Christmas shopping done soon but I mean we needed to get Wentworth a stocking... and some new ornaments... and fabric... right? Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend :)


  1. such a cute shirt. i'm so jealous you can get the hubs to go shopping. anytime i walk into any store with mine, he gets such a sourpuss face that doesn't go away until we walk out.

  2. Oo that shirt does look super comfy

  3. oooh, love the shirt. i've been rockin lots of plaids button ups lately too. so cute & comfy!



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