Last night, I went to see the newest Harry Potter movie!!

(Don't give me that look guys!)

My bestie and I worked all day (did I mention I work with my bestie now?) and then went straight to the theater two whole days after its opening. We usually see the midnight showing so this was a long time to wait for a couple of nerds like us.

It was really good! The only semi-complaint I have is that it ended abruptly. But I knew it would because, duh, it's cutting off in the middle of the book. Now I can't wait for my next HP installment. Maybe another trip to Harry Potter World is in order?
And now I must go to sleep, I have been up past my regularly scheduled bedtime too many times this week!

ps- i like twilight too. and no i'm not actually thirteen.

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  1. YES! and omgosh harry potter world and hogwarts express. i'm so incredibly jealous. did you get any bertie botts every flavor beans or butterbeer?



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