A Gift

This time of year is pretty hard on my family. Two years ago we spent pretty much the entire month of November in the hospital. It was a terrible, tragic time that I wont go into detail about but it definitely scared us all. As soon as November rolls around we all kinda become a ball of mush. Last year my momma tried to shine a little light on one of my sad November days with a lovely "Guardian Angel" necklace from Brighton. And it really worked. I would wear it and think of my dad with a smile.

Yesterday, I got a surprise visit from my momma herself and she brought along a tiny package wrapped with a gold bow. Inside was a beautiful necklace.

How sweet is she? I am one lucky girl.


  1. beautiful! where would we be without moms?

  2. Aww! That's so sweet of her. Go Aunt Jayne! =) Your dad really is your guardian angel and that's a perfect way to remember him during hard days.



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