Steppin' Out Saturday 11.13.10

This weekend I was on my own. The hubs was off on a "Man-cation" with his friends to Tallahassee for some Florida State football and what I can only assume to be massive amounts of beer. Poor guy has been working non-stop lately, I am so glad he was able to get away and spend some time with his friends.

As for me, the weekend has been a mix of work and play. Saturday I was out running errands most of the day and attempted to take a picture for Steppin' Out.
top: Old Navy (it's actually a thermal PJ top but whatevs)
leggings: Old Navy
shoes: Target

As you can see, I am pretty horrible at taking a picture of myself. But I tried! My outfit is pretty boring but really comfy. I totally forgot to snap a photo before I went out with the ladies last night. Although their outfits were way more fashionable then mine so I might have to steal one of their photos later and show you! My friends are so stylish.

It has been a nice weekend but I am ready to have my husband back! I miss that booger.


  1. ohhhh...flip flops. i'm already jealous and it's only november! woot for ladies night. seriously, i'm long overdue for one. hope you had fun!

  2. sandals?! no fair. no fair!
    you are adorbs.

  3. you are so adorable! For serious!

  4. You ladies are so sweet! And yes, here in Florida we are back in flip flops and tank tops for a while :)



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