It's not like I really needed to hear the results of my blood work to get an answer. I knew on Sunday night for sure that I had officially miscarried, my body doesn't lie. Just as I knew 2 weeks before a positive test that I was pregnant, I knew days before my blood work results that I no longer was. It was as if someone turned a switch and all of a sudden I was no longer in pain, cramping, uncomfortable, or bleeding. I could once again stretch my legs and walk without feeling as though I would pass out. But saying goodbye to those unpleasant feelings also meant leaving behind all of my pregnancy symptoms.

Just like that... another angel in heaven.

I got a phone call on Wednesday from the doctors office to confirm what I had already come to terms with by that point. My hcg levels had dropped to 13 but I have to go in for even more blood work on Tuesday. I'm assuming that they want to make sure my levels go back down to zero. I decided to also schedule a "counseling" meeting with my doctor at that time to talk about everything, see if they can give us any answers as to why I miscarried again and also find out when we can start trying again.

The emotion of it all is finally catching up to me now that I'm no longer worried about possible health problems. It is difficult and sad but I have to pull it together so I will be ready to try again when the doctor gives us the green light. I know everything will work out in the end and we will have the family we have been dreaming of, it's just a matter of when.

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