The best kind of therapy

I know that everyone has been pretty worried about me lately, and rightfully so considering I didn't leave the couch for over a week... to be honest I'm surprised I even made it to the couch considering I really didn't even want to get out of bed. After a few attempts to get me out of the house (shopping with the bestie, dinner and a movie with the hubby) I still felt awful. And then, as if magic, it all changed. Don't get me wrong, I am still incredibly sad and heartbroken but at least now there is a little more happy mixed in there as well.

You're looking at the newest addition to our little family: Wentworth Danger Kuhlman! He is a handful but that works great for me right now. I actually had to wake up at 7am this morning! And even though it was because I had to bath our poop-covered pup, it was nice having some responsibility and a reason to get my lazy butt out of bed and do something useful! Surprised that I was excited to wake up early and clean up poop? Yeah, me too.

His big bro, Boomer, isn't quite sure what to think of the little guy but I love watching them try to figure each other out. Wentworth loves chasing Boomer, attacking his tail, stealing his toys, and majorly invading his personal space. Boom has been hiding from Went and sniffing/drooling all over him every time he naps.

I have even managed to take both dogs out on leashes, with my broken foot and all. It may have been a huge struggle but I've got it under control for the most part. ^^Look at that happy family!

I'll post either tomorrow or Wednesday about my doctors appointment that I have tomorrow. Keep us in you prayers that we hear some good news about future pregnancies! We're ready to start trying again so hopefully the doc gives us his approval to get started :)


  1. Amazingly cute! I think we have a lot in common. We got a choc lab after my loss and she really did help me get through the unbearable sadness.

  2. It's amazing the impact they can have isn't it?



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