Power of positivity

Let's just say that lately I haven't exactly been the best role model when it comes to positive thinking. In fact, some may go as far as saying that I have been the complete opposite. I will admit that my spirits have been broken and my usual "always happy, let's make nice, smiley"-self has been hidden under a layer or two of sadness with a little bit of bitterness sprinkled on top. Well I have finally reached my breaking point and decided that I have had enough!

After a cry fest caused by the puppies today (completely ridiculous, I know) I realized that this new attitude has taken over my life and my personality and I really do not like it. I refuse to stand on the sidelines and watch as it alienates me from my friends, causes me to be unpleasant to my super supportive husband, and allows me to eat oreos for breakfast and ice cream sandwiches for lunch (not too bad for a day but 2 weeks? not cool). So I have decided to fight back. I know that I am in control of my own happiness and I am now prepared to take back the reigns.

It takes a lot of effort right now and I have to constantly remind myself to stay positive and not get frustrated or stressed out by silly, uncontrollable things. But it will get easier. This way of thinking will come back to me, I just have to retrain my mind a little bit. It's already working too, I can feel the stress that has been building up in my chest slowly start chipping away with each happy thought.

I am moving in the right direction and I am giving it all I've got.

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