25 weeks! eek!

For once my picture is actually on the first day of the "week"! Here I am at 25 weeks with my not so little brother. We went to visit for a little birthday dinner to celebrate my brothers SIXTEENTH birthday. Ugh, why does he have to grow up so fast?

The hubs took me on a little maternity shopping trip yesterday as well. I can't explain what it is about new clothes (especially when you're body is going through such rapid change) that makes you feel so good. But it does. How did I get so lucky?

Pretty much everything is going the same this week with our little peanut. Her schedule has shifted from being up all night to being up all day. I hope this continues once out of the womb! Heartburn has become my nemesis and tums my newest side kick. I have been craving massive amounts of water and banana nut crunch cereal. Oh and gravy. On everything. Yum.

Tomorrow morning I am headed off to Georgia with the bestie so I will be MIA from the blogosphere and the rest of the internets (other than a few Facebook/Twitter checks) until Monday. I hope you all have a lovely long weekend!!

24 weeks!

yes, those are cakes on my pants.
don't judge.

Sadie has continued to be a wild woman this week. The girl sure can move, and pretty quickly too! My eating habits have changed recently too. For some reason I am just not as hungry and have to remind myself to eat. Exhaustion has returned and full force. I spent almost the entire day yesterday sleeping on the couch. Luckily today has been a bit more productive but I am still just longing for the chance to crawl back in bed.

In a few days I am road tripping it up to Georgia with my bestie for a wedding. The hubs is saving his vacation days for when Sadie arrives (can't argue with that) so it's just going to be the two of us. It will be nice to have some time with her since both our lives are a little crazy and we live an hour away from each other. I have my fingers crossed that she wont want to kill me with all of the bathroom stops I will require :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Stache' Bash 2.0

Last years Stache Bash was so much fun they decided to do it again this year! Thanks to work the hubs and I were a little tardy to the party but we made the most of it once we got there.

The Birthday boy and his lady sporting very sexy stache's.

A nice family portrait.
Sadie wearing her first ever mustache :)


I'm not sure what got more stares, the mustaches or my baby bump at a bar. Either way it was another wonderful birthday celebration!

A little 1st tri humor

I realized the other day that the hubs favorite story to share about our first trimester is one that I haven't shared here. Possibly for the embarrassing nature of it but I figured it would be good for a quick laugh. I apologize in advance for any visual it may create....

During the first trimester and beginning of the second trimester I would get sick every day at the same time. It didn't matter what I ate or didn't eat (trust me, I tried everything!). And it wasn't the actual getting sick part that troubled me, it was more the timing of it all that stressed me out.

Every morning on my way to work I would throw up... in my car. My drive to work consists of 95% highway and it is just not always possible to pull over. After the first few days of this I had a system down. I doubled (sometimes tripled) up on plastic grocery bags and kept them open and ready in the passenger seat. Most days I would just hold them open and lean to the side to take care of business. Well on a particularly rough ride into work, while driving on the highway with more traffic than usual at 6am, I didn't have a free hand or the option to take my eyes off the road for even a second.

So I did what I thought any rational person would do in my situation. I hung the handles of the grocery bags on my ears, handled my business, and kept my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. It didn't seem like a big deal to me (or the cop who passed me in this predicament) but when I told the hubs about it he could not contain his laughter. I am pretty sure he has told every friend and family member this story and laughed his butt off every time.

There you have it, the joys of pregnancy. And with those joys comes the lack of embarrassment over many bodily functions.

Steppin' Out / 23 weeks

tank: Motherhood Maternity
cardigan: Old Navy
capris: Old Navy Maternity
belt: Target (came with dress)
shoes: Payless

Friday night (after a very busy 12 hour shift at work, hence the red feet and overall disheveled appearance) we headed downtown for our friends birthday celebration. Remember that Stache' Bash I went to last year? Well we continued that tradition this year with the Stache' Bash part 2. I may or may not have worn a stache on my belly... Unfortunately my camera died and I don't have evidence of this, however, I will be stealing pictures from friends and will share them when I do :)


Whoa that's a real baby bump now! Over the past two weeks I really popped out there and I am lovin' it! The whole world can now clearly see that I am with child. And my belly has never had more action. It's like a hand magnet!

Week 23 has brought a little bit of nausea (nothing like before though!) and some more round ligament pain. It has also brought more pee breaks and a bigger appetite. But the best thing it has brought me? So much more movement! I feel little Sadie move so much throughout the day. She moves all around my belly, from my ribs to below my belly button. I love her kicks and jabs.

Other than the occasional nausea I have been feeling pretty good. There has been a lot going on around here lately and I am thankful to have the energy to handle most of it and the strength to handle the rest.

I am looking forward to getting more done in the nursery. The glider has been ordered, wooden letters for above the crib have been purchased, and the itch to start sewing has finally arrived. So hopefully there will be another update on that soon!

Summer are you still there?

How in the world are we already half way through August? Preseason football is back, school has started up again, the Florida heat is in full force, and I am already pining for pumpkin bread and snuggly sweaters.

The hubs and I are trying to enjoy the summer, despite the heat, and headed to south Florida last week to visit the in-laws. It was a very nice and relaxing long weekend. I was hoping to get a little sun on my pasty skin and tried out my new maternity bathing suit.
As you can see my plan for a little tan clearly did not work. I am doomed to be a ghost :)

Due to exhaustion, pregnancy brain, and working too much I completely forgot to take a 22 week picture or do any sort of update. I will work on that for this week though!

21 weeks :)

This morning we had our anatomy scan ultrasound. For those of you that don't know this is the ultrasound that looks at every little detail of the growing babe. Sadie has all of her organs and they are in the correct place. All ten fingers and toes were accounted for as well as all four chambers of her heart. Her chance for down syndrome or triscomy 13 are 1/10,000 which is as good as those odds get. Basically, she is perfect :) At least in our eyes!

During the ultrasound Sadie was pretty active! She flipped all the way around, sucked her thumb, struck a pose or two, curled up and stretched her back. It was pretty amazing to see. And she got out of that crazy "knee in face" position, which is good because I don't want her to be breech!

We were also told that she weighs a whopping 1 pound! That's pretty big for her age. She is also measuring a full week ahead of where she should be. Although they aren't officially changing our due date, they did say this put her more around a December 6th delivery.

The only not so great news we received is that my placenta is still too close to my cervix. It is a little over 1cm away, which is better than is was a couple of months ago, but we are not in the clear until it's more than 2cm away from my cervix. My MFM doctor said we have a 90% chance of that happening by the end of the pregnancy which sounds pretty good to me. I am still on a few restrictions but we aren't worried.

in deep thought or posing for the picture?

We were a little excited after hearing how healthy and wonderful Sadie is so far so we made a little stop at Caters and Barnes & Noble on the way home... Carters was having a great sale!

That adorable little bear goodness is my favorite thing ever! That should definitely keep our little December baby warm :)


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