21 weeks :)

This morning we had our anatomy scan ultrasound. For those of you that don't know this is the ultrasound that looks at every little detail of the growing babe. Sadie has all of her organs and they are in the correct place. All ten fingers and toes were accounted for as well as all four chambers of her heart. Her chance for down syndrome or triscomy 13 are 1/10,000 which is as good as those odds get. Basically, she is perfect :) At least in our eyes!

During the ultrasound Sadie was pretty active! She flipped all the way around, sucked her thumb, struck a pose or two, curled up and stretched her back. It was pretty amazing to see. And she got out of that crazy "knee in face" position, which is good because I don't want her to be breech!

We were also told that she weighs a whopping 1 pound! That's pretty big for her age. She is also measuring a full week ahead of where she should be. Although they aren't officially changing our due date, they did say this put her more around a December 6th delivery.

The only not so great news we received is that my placenta is still too close to my cervix. It is a little over 1cm away, which is better than is was a couple of months ago, but we are not in the clear until it's more than 2cm away from my cervix. My MFM doctor said we have a 90% chance of that happening by the end of the pregnancy which sounds pretty good to me. I am still on a few restrictions but we aren't worried.

in deep thought or posing for the picture?

We were a little excited after hearing how healthy and wonderful Sadie is so far so we made a little stop at Caters and Barnes & Noble on the way home... Carters was having a great sale!

That adorable little bear goodness is my favorite thing ever! That should definitely keep our little December baby warm :)


  1. You are so cute! How exciting to see such a detailed pic of your baby :)

  2. How exciting! Glad she's progressing well :)



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