Summer are you still there?

How in the world are we already half way through August? Preseason football is back, school has started up again, the Florida heat is in full force, and I am already pining for pumpkin bread and snuggly sweaters.

The hubs and I are trying to enjoy the summer, despite the heat, and headed to south Florida last week to visit the in-laws. It was a very nice and relaxing long weekend. I was hoping to get a little sun on my pasty skin and tried out my new maternity bathing suit.
As you can see my plan for a little tan clearly did not work. I am doomed to be a ghost :)

Due to exhaustion, pregnancy brain, and working too much I completely forgot to take a 22 week picture or do any sort of update. I will work on that for this week though!


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  2. Seriously, your little belly is SO cute! :)



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