Already testing my nerves.

Being pregnant makes you paranoid. Period. Every funny little feeling makes you question yourself.

"Oh my goodness I just got a little cramp, I bet it's because I drank a soda earlier. Oh, I knew I should have had water instead. I bet my baby just grew a third leg!" - Thoughts of a pregnant woman... or just me??

Add a few miscarriages to the mix and the paranoia reaches an unhealthy level of insanity. And although I am doing my best to keep all of that under control, it does slip out from time to time.

When my abdominal pain didn't let up I started seeking advice from the ladies at work (two of which are also pregnant). They all agreed that if I am stressing out about it than I should go see the doctor. Just making the appointment made me feel a little better.

I started getting nervous the night before but once we got there my nerves really kicked in and I was sick to my stomach. As much as I try to stay positive I couldn't help but imagine the worst. Once the ultrasound started and I saw my little Sadie and her perfect little heart beating away I felt a little better.

My cervix is nice and long and my placenta (which was right next to my cervix) has moved 1cm away from my cervix. This doesn't put us in the clear quite yet but it is a good sign that it will continue to move further away. The doctor also confirmed that my pain was due to round ligament pain. He said some women get it so bad that they can't walk! I'm glad that's not the case with me and that everything checked out just fine.

One bonus of a little scare is that we got to see our baby girl a little sooner than we expected. If only we had unlimited funds I would totally invest in an ultrasound machine just so I could see her every day!

She has gotten so big! And apparently she has been practicing her contortionist skills because this little lady was in the strangest position....

Yes. that is her knee in her face and her foot above her head....
She stayed in that position the whole time. Silly girl.

A little closer view of Sadie kissing her knees.


  1. I so know the paranoia you're talking about! I always joke about how my OB was like my drug dealer and after every appt I was on a high and the further and further it got from my appt, I started having withdrawals! That round ligament pain can be VERY painful...I especially get it when getting out of bed and using my stomach muscles. Glad everything is ok! I'm about 6-7 weeks out from meeting our little girl Landry!

  2. That is it exactly! Soooo glad someone else understands!

    I am so excited for you to meet Landry, I can't wait to see pictures of her!! I may also be a tad jealous you get to meet your little girl so soon :)



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