A Working Weekend

This weekend was one full of work on my part. I locked myself in my sewing room to finish all of the custom orders that were to go out this morning and get prepared for the one's I will start this week. Whew. I came out of the room only to pee and once to eat (the other times, the hubs brought food to me). I worked right up until I went to sleep and started the next day with my morning coffee in tow. Weekdays are getting more and more difficult to get any work done now that my other job is full-time. I am usually busy with lesson plans and preparing for the work week. Also? I'm freakin' exhausted when I get home.

I did get to leave the house once this weekend but it was to fill out paper work for a little side job, so I don't really count that as fun. However, when I walked through the front door of our house after my paperwork adventure (listen. i have to make it sound more fun so i don't feel like my weekend was all work. ok?) I smelled the sweet smell of our tile cleaner. I took another sniff and got a hint of Pledge. How does my house smell so clean when I have been too busy to even think about it?

Then I remembered that my husband rocks. He scrubbed our tile. And I mean really scrubbed. Like on his hands and knees because we have white tile and grout covering our kitchen/family room/hallway and two very dirty beasts that love to dirty up the floors. He also dusted. everything. I didn't even know he knew what pledge was! And all the crap, I mean lovely man things, that had been shoved in the living room after the sewing room construction had been neatly put away in the garage so I could finally put up my fall decorations. It's surprises like that that make all the hard work bearable.

Now on to tackle the laundry, lesson plans, and other sewing projects.


  1. Your hard work will pay off. And so nice of your husband to lend a hand in cleaning.

  2. It's good that you're keeping yourself busy!



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