Reason #952 that I love my brother

He kills cockroaches with a baseball bat...and a shoe....and an empty roll of toilet paper.

Maybe I should explain.

As I mentioned before, I have been back and forth staying at my moms house and my own. Well the other night at my moms house as I was preparing Wentworth (he came with for snuggling purposes) and myself for bed, he randomly started barking up at the wall. Now Wentworth isn't always the brightest pup (but gahh he's cute) so I thought nothing of it. Until he wouldn't come to bed and then I was just tired and annoyed so I went to go get him and that's when I saw it. The evil spawn of the devil himself. The BIGGEST cockroach I have ever seen (seriously, people).

Cockroaches are about as low as it gets. But the worst part? The sound they make when you squish them. Blah! So of course, it was out of the question for me to do anything about this, especially when there is a teenage boy in the house. Forget the fact that he was upstairs in bed and it was a school night, this was an emergency. So I called my brother. And yeah, I mean on the phone. It was late and I was afraid the screaming would rattle Lebron (fitting right?) and cause him to come running straight at me.

Little brother to the rescue! Only not really because it turns out he is only slightly less of a chicken than I am. I hand him a shoe and he throws it at Lebron... really? I could have done that myself. All that did was make Lebron scatter and leave me with thoughts of him crawling on my face while I sleep. I then demanded asked politely for my brother to find Lebron and dispose of him because he cannot be left on the loose!!

My brother goes to collect supplies (I'm thinking bug spray, a new shoe, maybe a paper towel to clean up the mess?) and comes back with a baseball bat. Suddenly images of my mom coming home to a house that no longer has a separate kitchen and dinning room coming floating into my mind in a panic but he assures me that the bat it to search for Lebron. Riiiiight. Well somehow it works and he chases Lebron across the kitchen floor (so wish I had that on camera!) and finally squishes him with one loud SMACK! How does he clean up his mess you ask? With an empty toilet paper roll because it would be "gross" to pick dead Lebron up with a paper towel...

And that is one of the many reasons my little brother is awesome.
** do not be frightened. this cockroach is not real. however, he is pretty close to the actual size of the late cockroach lebron. **


  1. Hahaha this is just too funny! I HATE cockroaches too and ughhhh I know what you mean about the noise and picking it up with a paper towel afterwards (but you can feel it, oooh how gross)! Oh I am squirming as I write this, yuck!

  2. This is such a lovely and funny post. I HATE cockroaches, period! Your brother definitely came to your rescue. What would you do without him there, right?



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