The Big "O"


I have been off of my magic baby keeping meds for two weeks. They have been a lovely, non-crazy two weeks. See, I only take the meds after ovulation until Aunt Flo comes or we become twelve weeks pregnant. So when AF came (yup, no baby yet) a couple weeks ago I stopped injecting myself. I think I had finally adjusted to them too. Damn.

Since my cycle is all whack, we had to buy an ovulation kit so we don't really mess things up by starting the meds too soon. Any guesses as to how many sticks I will have to pee on until the big "o"? The kit came with seven and we're already down two. But don't worry I am giving my body a pep talk later. I will promise to fill it with healthy foods and exercise it properly if it will just cooperate. I have a good feeling about this month. Just maybe it will be our month.


In other news, does anyone else watch Giuliana and Bill? I was introduced to it recently by a fellow blogger (thank you, by the way) and they have just stolen my heart. I feel there pain and watching them struggle with the same things we struggle with is both painful and comforting. I don't know anyone else going through these struggles. I find myself pulling for them much in the same way I pull for us. If you haven't seen it, you should.


  1. I've been watching it too. I haven't struggled with that before, but I feel for them (and you). I can't imagine the struggle :( I pray that you will be blessed very soon!

  2. love guiliana & bill... long before the infertility issues, but to see them struggle makes me so thankful for C, much more understanding of the process, and scared that as we ttc #2 that it wont happen!

    ps what ovulation sticks did you buy? I might have to go get some

  3. The hubs picked them out actually. They are the first response ones and I like them because they are very clear and easy to read.



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