A little update

I have been a terrible blogger lately. It has been almost an entire week since I last blogged. How lame is that? But let me assure you that you would not have wanted to read anything I would have written this week. Those lovely side effects from my new meds I mentioned before? They got worse.

I have not felt like myself all week with the ridiculous mood swings, inability to concentrate on anything, overall nausea and stomach pains. Not fun people. But after a true low day (really really low) I think my body has finally adjusted. The last few days have been much better. Thank goodness. Don't get me wrong, I will take whatever suffering is necessary in order to make my next pregnancy work but I would be lying if I didn't say I am relieved that the side effects have let up.

This week has also brought me a bit of an injury. I have some really gross pictures that I contemplated sharing but decided that I like you all so I wont subject you to them. I had an incident with the dogs and their leashes and it left the back of my knee looking like I had been mauled by a tiger. Or that the hubs and I were into some very dirty games involving large leather whips. Striking my legs several times. Until I bleed. But it was the dog leashes. I promise. And it was caused by the dogs. Swearsies. I haven't been able to wear pants or bend my knees all week. Which also means that when I am out in public, the world is exposed to my "injury" and I have received many gasps and "omg what happened"s from complete strangers. Plus I look funny trying to make it up a flight of stairs :/

In other news, I received a disturbing phone call from my mom today informing me that my uncle (her brother) was just diagnosed with multiple brain tumors. The details are unclear right now, they are doing a biopsy tomorrow. My mom and grandpa are on their way to him now (he lives in Kentucky) which means I will be spending the week (or so?) at my moms shuttling my brother to and from school and baseball practice, feeding him and their dogs, and making sure he does his homework. I am so fortunate to have understanding employers and a job that allows me to drop everything and help my family when needed.

I know this update was anything but upbeat and pleasant but I will work on that. Because this week is going to be better. Filled with puppies and rainbows and glitter and unicorns and other magical things. You'll see.


  1. Aw...sorry to hear it's been a stressful time! I was going to ask you if you saw the season premiere or Guiliana and Bill last night? She's going through IVF and I thought it was brave of them to share what they're going through so honestly with the world. Thought of you.

    BTW...I'm hosting my very first giveaway so come by!




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