Steppin' Out Saturday 10.30.10

I really should re-name this weeks to "Stayin' In Saturday" because that's what we did. Friday night we went out, sang karaoke, dressed up for Halloween, drank some pumpkin beer, and celebrated a good friends birthday (which I will totally post about later!). And after the hubs got off work and I did some early Christmas shopping we were both just tired. So we stayed in and looked like this:
tank: Old Navy
cardigan: Old Navy
pj shorts: Aerie
pup: Petsmart

The hubs wanted to participate as well (and apparently both pups too since they snuck right in there). We were pretty cozy. Most of the night was spent curled up on the couch watching old episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was a nice break for us both :)

Be on the look out for a post later today with our ridiculous Halloween costumes!


  1. Haha. I love that you posted this! Cute no matter what is on :)

  2. Pumpkin beer? Wow, what's that like?!

  3. this is really cute...and my absolute favorite type of night. i saw you over @ steppin' out and i got to reading some of your other entries. i'm just going to be kindergarten about this...i think we should be friends. my husband and i have two pooches which we're mad about, i'm also a big baseball enthusiast, and although it pains me to see anyone in reds gear (i'm a diehard indians fan), i think i may be able to get over it for the fact that you named your cockroach lebron in a prior post. love.



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