Favorite Things [October]

Happy October!! Ah! I absolutely love October! It represents so many wonderful things. I can't stand it! Here are some of my favorite October things:

The Great Pumpkin Patch. There is a church right down the street from where I work that has the best pumpkin patch ever. It's Charlie Brown themed and I absolutely adore it. I can't wait until it's time to go again this year.

Trick-or-treaters. Last year was our first Halloween as homeowners therefore our first time passing out candy. I may have been a little excited. I may have been looking out the window waiting for the first little kiddos to come to our door. I don't even mind the teenagers who just wear a hat and say they're dressed as themselves or something else ridiculous that isn't a real costume. I get it though. Candy is awesome.

Pumpkin in everything. lattes. pies. cupcakes. bagels. bread. So yummy.

Pumpkin carving. We're kind of professionals, not gonna lie. We take this pretty seriously. These are our pumpkins from last year. Mine is Charlie Brown and the hubs (awesome) pumpkin is the Bengals logo. Not sure how we're going to top these this year!

Costumes. For both us and the pup of course. In case you can't tell the hubs and I were Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski last year. And if you don't know who they are, leave my blog right now. Boom was a prisoner. or a referee. You choose. I love dressing up and trying to think of creative costumes (not the slutty ones they sell in the store). Still trying to think of something good for this year, suggestions are welcome!

The cooler weather. Football. Parties. Long walks. Magic Basketball. Sam Adams Octoberfest beer. I could go on for days.

Oh October. How I love thee so. I am so excited for our love affair to begin again. And today? The weather is perfect. It's going to be a great month.


  1. wow you really love october!!!

  2. You guys should be the Situation and Snooki from Jersey Shore

  3. nice photos (:




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