Sweet Nothings

Last night I was dreaming of snuggling the hubs on a giant beach towel placed on the white sand of a beautiful island. We were looking up at the clouds while he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. That's when I slowly started waking up.

I could feel his tender whispers in my ear. I thought the hubs was waking me up by whispering some sweet "good morning's" or quiet little "i love you's". How perfect after a romantic dream like that? As I opened my eyes I saw something just slightly different....

My pup was snoring into my ear.
His wet little pink and black spotted nose was rested on my shoulder and his soft snores were blowing at my eardrum. Not quite the romantic awakening I had in mind.

I guess the poor little guy was scared of the thunderstorms in the middle of the night and decided to snuggle up on my pillow for safety. Good thing he is so cute. It made the let down of awakening from that dream a little easier. Plus the hubs got a good laugh out of it this morning as I nuzzled up to our pup all romantically...

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