New Sewing Room: Reveal

There are still things that need to be hung on the walls and put away on the shelves but the overall construction is finished. And it's lovely.
This is what you see when you first walk in. I need to find something to hang above the sewing machine and a curtain for the window. But I love love love how clean and crisp everything looks with the white wrap around desk! I even put together that handy drawer system, which holds all of my sewing necessities.
The back table is wider and will be used primarily for cutting fabric and making patterns. And you know I have to have my tv close by!
I tried to keep a husband friendly area with his computer and some of his things even though he said the room was all mine.
Here is a peak inside the closet (you know, where the hubs used to keep his giant tv). I started organizing my fabrics and projects but I plan to make a long curtain to cover it all up so it wont be visible all the time.

Ah, I love it! I worked in there for the first time today and it was so nice having everything right there and not having to go back and forth between rooms. Being able to spread things out instead of balancing stacks. Not having to sit on the floor. It was wonderful! There is still some organizing and decorating that needs to be done but I think it's coming along quite nicely!

Thanks honey!! <3



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