The Bachelorette Cruise

Three full days of sun, friends, tropical drinks, dancing, food and fun. Here is a glimpse of our long weekend (through pictures, of course):

Day one with the ever so lovely Bride-to-be
dinner number one, followed by lots and lots of dancing
Day two wearing our cute Bachelorette tanks, getting ready for the "Booze Cruise" in the Bahamas
top deck of the "Booze Cruise" after we finished snorkeling
enjoying the free drinks and perfect water
Day three, the crew at the karaoke bar
getting our karaoke on

Such a great way to celebrate one of my oldest friends getting married. The wedding is this weekend so be ready to see more pictures of these ladies very soon. Congrats Jamie!


  1. Looks like a blast! I can't wait till my next girl trip..which will be...who knows when??

  2. You girls look so good! I miss getting together with my girls.

  3. Thanks! It's so important to make time for your girls, it's just so hard!



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