Round 2: Results

Inconclusive. Do you know how frustrating that word is when you have spent weeks waiting to hear if they have figured out why you can't make babies properly? Because I do. And it's all my body's fault. Since I am so irregular these days the doc thinks we just got the wrong day in my wonky cycle. Boo on you cycle!

After doing some thinking, taking into account my lack of patience and always growing desire to fill my ute with a little bundle of a baby for nine months, we have decided to take the necessary precautions as if these tests were accurate and try again. It wont hurt me if the results turn out to be wrong and it will help tremendously if they were correct. Win, win.

Let the journey begin... again. I feel really good about everything this time around, I just know that a baby is in our future. Keep us in your prayers!


  1. I feel your frustrations! Hubby and I tried for 3 years and didn't get pregnant! So we went to a fertility clinic and it turns out that I needed surgery to rid of a tumor. But a month after surgery, we got pregnant right away. Sometimes, it just takes 1 little correction to make a big change. I'm sure you will succeed. Good luck with everything! And if you need fertility help, there are specialty doctors everywhere with top notch equipments.

  2. frustrating! I wouldn't want it to come back that something's wrong but at least then you would know what to fix. I think a little bundle of joy is definitely in your future..your uterus won't be lonely long. lol. Good luck, girl!



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