New Sewing Room: Before

The hubs surprised me on Thursday night by taking me to Ikea (heaven for the homeowner) to get things to build my brand spankin new sewing room! I excitedly led him around the showroom pointing to things, measuring random bits of furniture and accessories, and claiming that just about everything would look perfect in my new room. After frolicking around for a while I finally settled down long enough to actually pick out what I wanted.

By the time we made it home it was too late to really do any constructing so I went to bed like a kid on Christmas Eve. I could barely get to sleep and have been working on the room ever since I woke up Friday morning. And then construction came to a complete stop today. I was up all night with some kind of bug/virus/bleh and still feel pretty horrible. So unfortunately the room is still not finished. I figured I would go ahead and share the before pictures and hopefully by the end of tomorrow I will be able to show off all of our hard work!
The room was an office/man den for the hubs but he rarely went in there and because he is so awesome he decided to share it with me give it to me. I can't wait to get in there and finish it up and share the pictures! It already looks like a completely different room!


  1. What a sweet hub you have! Room looks awesome!

  2. That is awesome! I totally need a scrapbooking room. Wish my hubby took me and HIS wallet to Ikea :)

  3. I have never been to Ikea before! It is like a 3 hour drive...but it seems to be worth sound so excited!!!!!!!!

  4. It's totally worth the drive in my opinion! As long as you're ready to spend, I promise the place is addicting.



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