Steppin' Out Sunday 6.19.11

top & shorts: Maternity Motherhood
(finally starting to fit into the maternity clothes)
shoes: gift ?
bump: 15 weeks <3

We actually did step out on Saturday to a friends birthday celebration (in which the hubs competed in various beer games and I refereed, more to come on that later) but I forgot my camera. So I will post pictures of that event, because it was truly awesome, as soon as someone else posts pictures and I can steal them :)

Instead you get to see my lame/this is all that fits me/I would rather be in sweat pants look.

My bump hasn't gotten a whole lot bigger but I am anxiously awaiting it's full arrival. However, my energy levels have been a lot better and my nausea is pretty rare these days as we approach 15 weeks. Food is once again my friend and we have been spending a lot of time together. I sure missed being able to eat full meals without getting sick! Overall things are going well and baby is still strong and healthy.

We are starting to get anxious to find out the sex, which isn't too far away now. The only struggle now is with darn names. Our girl name is perfect and pretty set in stone but good heavens boy names a tough! We might need someone to move in and referee our discussions because we just do not see eye to eye on boy names. The hubs is so picky and I swear he can sense if I love a name and immediately hates it, no matter what it is. I need a new strategy on introducing names to him. Your suggestions are welcomed! Or if someone just wants to pick a boy name for us that would be great too.

Enough changing subjects and rambling on. I'm going to go snuggle my puppies in my pj's and watch a movie with the hubs. I suggest you all do something similar :)


  1. Aw how exciting! You look great!

  2. I hope you share the name!!! :) SOON! :)

  3. Congrats!!! Wearing maternity clothes for the first time is SO exciting!! I just found your sweet blog, excited to get to know you better:)

  4. AAAkkkkk!!! I haven't visited all my favorite blogs in months and months since I got pregnant. I've just been too exhausted. And I come check yours after months away and I find out you're prego!!!! CONGRATS!!!! What is it these days?? 5 of my girlfriends are all pregnant too and some of them have been trying for awhile to conceive! So when is your due date?? Mine is 10/26. COngrats again!!!!


  5. You ladies are too sweet!

    Steph, I will share the name as soon as we officially decide! Which will hopefully be soon!

    Jiye, we are due December 12! There are definitely a lot of pregnant women over this way as well, must be something in the water :)



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