13 weeks!

Sometimes (like at todays ultrasound) I am just in awe of what is going on inside my body. There was a time when I thought this may never happen for us. At least not in any traditional sense. So to see that baby grow so much each time and to catch that perfect fluttering heart right away just amazes me. And every once in a while I tell the hubs to pinch me because it feels so much like a dream.

Today we had our ultrasound for the nt scan to check for possibilities of the baby having certain birth defects and/or complications. The ultrasound measurements came back completely normal and we will know in a few weeks about the blood-work they did.
How is our little peanut already so cute? Peanut stayed perfectly still, just sucking that thumb while the ultrasound tech (who was awesome) took the measurements and as soon as she was done little peanut started wiggling around and kicking to give us a little show. Already so well behaved :)
Little tooties! I could just eat them up!

Remember when I said I missed the morning sickness? Can someone just slap my hand next time I try to say that? That only lasted a couple and now it's back with a vengeance. I will be more careful what I wish for in the future!

Other than that though everything is just perfect. We are so unbelievably happy and feel extremely blessed.


  1. That thumb sucking picture seriously made my ovaries hurt!

  2. Aww! So sweet! Congrats on making it 13 weeks! Oh and morning sickness = hell.

  3. Wow, I get so excited when you post more sonogram pics. I know that they are so exciting for you! Congrats on a healthy pregnancy!



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