We're Alive!!

I realize that I have not written anything on this poor neglected blog in a longer time than I care to admit. Honestly it became a chore for a time and I wasn't enjoying it like I did previously. I have had the intention to rejoin the blogging world so many times but always got sidetracked (you know, by things like tea parties and nap time). So there probably isn't a single person left to see this but WE ARE BACK!

One night last week, after putting Sadiebug to bed, I walked out onto the back patio to find the hubs sitting there reading old blog posts of mine. I was shocked since I hadn't given this little piece of the internet a single thought in the longest time. But there he was, reading Sadie's birth story. I realized in that moment how thankful I am to have captured so many moments not only with pictures, but with my own commentary to go along with them. Little details that a single photo could not hold and that would surely get lost in my ever fading memory (I blame mommyhood for that one!). And I don't know if you know this about kids or not, but they grow every single day! They are always changing and learning and doing these crazy things that I want so desperately to engrave into my brain forever. So I plan to do my best to keep those moments alive right here.

Now, the last time I blog Sadie was only 4 months old. She is now almost FOURTEEN months! Yikes! How does that happen? Since it would take me forever to catch you up on everything that has happened in the past year, I will just bullet point a few highlights for now and gradually go over some of the big stuff in there own time.

Our Love Bug

  • We call her our love bug because she is such a lover! She is obsessed with hugs and kisses and gives them to all of her stuffed animals as well as us as often as we will take them (which is always).
  • She started walking at 9.5 months. Crazy early. And ever since then she has been such a busy little girl. Always moving, playing, running, laughing, talking, smiling, yelling, singing, dancing.
  • Books are constantly being read in this house. Over and over and over again. 
  • Sadie doesn't have a large variety of words that she actually says at this poiny but she communicates in sign language without a problem. And when she "says" please... you just can't resist. 
  • Some of her favorite activities include: playing outside, tea parties with her stuffed animals (especially Minnie and her baby), megablocks, and hiding in the curtains.
  • We took her to Disney World for her first birthday and she loved it  (there will definitely be a post on that later).
  • She is sweet and feisty, with more personality than any tiny little human I have ever met!
The Hubs & I
  • I have been training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon (which is only 18 days away!!!). Although it hasn't been easy with a toddler who doesn't like to sleep.
  • The hubs got a promotion at work (go hubby!!) which has allowed me to stay home with Sadie full time. Such a blessing and I cannot imagine it any other way.
  • We drink a lot of coffee and have developed the philosophy of making time for the memories. Sometimes the house is left a mess all weekend so we can take Sadie to the park or to visit her grandparents and do the grocery shopping as a family instead of one of us staying behind to clean. 
  • Although my etsy shop has been closed for quite some time, I have been sewing again! Mostly making dresses for Sadie which I will share later for sure.
  • Last month we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary <3 li="">
  • Our lives revolve around our beautiful baby girl and our little family and we are so incredibly happy because of that. 

I will stop now before these updates get out of hand. If you are a former reader, thanks for sticking around and if you are stumbling upon us for the first time, welcome! I am excited to be back! Of course, I will leave you with a couple of pictures because that tiny four month old baby you see in the previous post has been replaced with a crazy toddler!!


  1. I'm so glad you're alive! I've checked back a few times and was wondering what happened.

  2. Thanks McKenzie! I'm glad to be back at it again :)



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