Princess Half Marathon 2013

As many of you other Momma's know, trying to get anything done with a baby/toddler is not easy. I learned this to be especially true if you are trying to make a training schedule to run a half marathon.

The last time I ran this race (three years ago, pre-baby) I was able to make a strict running schedule and stick to it. I ran every single day, ate right, and felt great during and after each run. This time around, I had to work around Sadie's schedule and was certainly not able to run every single day like I planned. I also had to make my long runs on days that she was in the mood for a long stroller ride instead of the days that fit nicely into my schedule. And then there was that week (only a couple of weeks before the race) that Sadie got her first real sickness and didn't sleep (day or night) or eat and couldn't go for a run in the stroller.

Even with it's challenges, training with Sadie was so much fun. We would listen to music and she would sing to me or point out the squirrels and the trees. She would reach up for me to hold her hand or give her a high five (which I was never able to resist, no matter how exhausted I was). So although I wasn't quite as confident going in as I would have liked to be, I wouldn't have changed the process one bit. Now let's get on to the good stuff, race weekend! Be prepared for photo overload!


Since my husband is awesome, he wanted to make things easier on all of us and make the weekend special so he booked us a hotel room at Disney's All-Star Resort. My in-laws came up for the weekend and stayed at the same hotel. I know I have said it before, but I love my in-laws! It was so sweet of them to come up for the race and clearly Sadie was thrilled to have them there :)
After checking into the hotel, we went to the Expo to pick up our race packets. We ended up getting there later than expected, which meant no lines, no waiting, and the chance to meet a princess!
Sadie was mesmerized by Ariel. She told me she was going to hug her but she decided to just stare instead ;)
She wouldn't take her eyes off of her and Ariel was very sweet with Sadie.
After the expo we had dinner at the hotel and Kev couldn't resist buying Sadie a bathing suit (which he got a little too small) so she could play in the kiddie pool. It was well worth the overpriced tag because she absolutely loved it! The pool was just the right depth for her and it wore her out so much that she slept through the night for the very first time that night! I told Kev we could move in there if he wanted to.
The next morning (very early next morning) my running buddy, Jamie, met me at the hotel so we could take the bus over to Epcot at 3:30am. When we got there we had time for one more princess encounter before our race began. The sparkly tutu and big red bow was my attempt to look like Miss Snow White while still being able to run all 13.1 miles. We're totally twins right?
And here we go!
I finished my 13.1 miles after running for 2 hours and 38 minutes, just barely beating my 2 hour 45 minute time from three years ago. It was certainly hotter than the last time I ran it which was horrible but could have been worse. And I didn't feel nearly as good afterward. Don't let the smile fool you, I was fighting back some serious nausea and ignoring many cramped limbs for this photo.
I was so happy to see my Prince and little Princess after the race. My sweet father-in-law had a mickey rose for me and they all had such supportive words and hugs. 

Even though, two days later, I still feel a bit like death it was totally worth it. I see more races in my future. Perhaps I am even crazy enough for a full marathon? We will see ;)


  1. Congrats on training with a babe! I'm so happy to see you're back, and now I think I'm back, too. Because I disappeared for so long and emailed you from my blog address, I just recently got your return email. I'll email you!

    Also, I decided once upon a time to do a marathon. And then it hurt...really badly. And we had all kinds of physical therapy bills. And my hips still hate me. The craziest part is that I still experience this nagging feeling to do it again.

  2. Congratulations! I am starting to get the itch again do another half. I still am standing firm with no full for me, I just don't think I have it in me! I would love to do one of the Disney races, maybe next year! Congrats lady!

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  4. Nice marathon ! Amazing photos!



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