Our Week in Photos

Sadie and I started the week off with a park playdate with friends.  
And of course there was Valentines Day! I set up a little "party" for Sadie and I (sorry about the grainy cell phone picture). This was by far my most favorite Valentines Day ever. We started with our weekly trip to the library to check out some books and join in on story time, followed by lunch at Chickfila and then a trip to Publix. Such a simple day but it was filled with so much love and excitement from my little Valentine.

At Publix eating her special free valentine cookie. They also gave her a red balloon. I'm pretty sure Publix is her most favorite place. (Also, I made her dress! Can't wait to share more of the dresses I have made soon!)
Speaking of crafts, this week I finished up a sweet little birthday crown for Sadie's BFF who turns one next month.
Saturday I had some Mommy time with my bestie which included Starbucks, Target, and the mall. It was lovely. The picture above is from our family trip to Costco later that day.  
Sunday afternoon I went for my last long run before my half marathon. TEN MILES! I thought it was going to kill me but it was awesome! I felt so great during and even better afterward. There is something so rewarding about reaching a goal (especially when you weren't entirely sure you would be able to). The weather could not have been more perfect and I ran up to my old college campus and back, which is still my favorite place to run.
 Since I am running the Princess Half Marathon, I have to dress like a princess too right? I finished up my costume for the race this weekend and I will be cleaning glitter out of my sewing room for months! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend :)

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  1. how cute that you had a valentine's party! she is adorable! and good luck with your half marathon! How fun that you have a costume too!! (and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day - i appreciate it a lot!)



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