Our week in photos

Sadie and I drove out to see my brothers track meet at the beginning of the week. Even looking at this picture it is hard to believe how grown up my little brother is. I am so proud of the person he is and is becoming.
Wednesday night Kev and I had a spontaneous date night to see Wicked!
I had been wanting to see it for years so when Kev saw a good deal on tickets he immediately asked if I could find someone to watch Sadie. Luckily my mom was willing to make it a late night and hang out with Sadie while we went. I absolutely loved it!
Sadie discovered her love of stickers. I was a little obsessed with them as a kid too so I totally get it! 
Saturday we started the events for the Princess Half Marathon and very early Sunday morning I ran 13.1 miles! But more on that later.
After the half marathon I went to celebrate my best friend and her baby girl Bailey. Her baby shower was beautiful and I cannot wait to meet baby Bailey.
I made Bailey a couple of dresses as part of my shower gift. Jessica is a huge Gator fan (hence the orange and blue dress). 

After the extremely exhausting weekend I had, I am ready for a nice quiet week! Hopefully Sadie wants the same :)

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