Our Weekend in Photos

Friday we stole Kev for a little Chickfila lunch date :)

Then we went home and had a little Valentine photo session for Sadie's Valentines. Showing off the few teeth she has and the dress Momma made her. 

Saturday morning we went to the Farmers Market and indulged in some of my favorite things. Freshly popped kettle corn and the most delicious strawberry lemonade ever.

 I am obviously awesome at taking pictures. We were snacking a little before running all over the place. Sadie was loving it and kept wanting to join other peoples picnics, my little social butterfly. She was worn out from all of the socializing and fell asleep in the stroller so Kev and I were able to have a quiet lunch at the cutest little bistro.

Sunday was for chores. Yard work, laundry, cleaning, installing a doggie door, unclogging the dryer. You know, fun things.

But once the work was over, it was time to enjoy this beautiful weather us Floridians have been blessed with (sorry northerners...).

Sadie was obviously stoked it was Sunday.
Side note: You will most likely see this photo again when Sadie makes her debut on SNL. 

Our weekend was pretty low-key and filled with family time, just the way we like it :)
How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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