4 Months

My Sweet Sadiebug,

  This stage with you has been my absolute favorite thus far. Every day is filled with laughter and yours is so contagious. You start with an airy giggle but that quickly turns into a high pitched squeal when you are really excited. I just love the way you greet everyone and everything with the most beautiful smile. It is the one thing I hoped you inherited from me and you have ten fold.
  We recently discovered your absolute favorite thing to do. SWIM! From the first moment we put you in the pool until we took you out you were laughing and squealing! We knew you would like it because of how much you love to splash around in the tub but the pure joy on your face still surprised us. You have a tiny red float that you still need help sitting in but it allows you to kick your feet to you hearts content. The combination of your feet kicking under the water, your tiny fists splashing around on the surface, and your uncontrollable laughter is almost too much for my heart to handle.

  You are still incredibly talkative ( I have no idea where you get that from ;) ) and have become much more demanding in your "conversations". Your voice is louder now and your sounds have such variety. But you still use those sweet whispers from time to time.

  There is a special little spot on your neck that you love to get kisses. It makes you smile and giggle every single time. Daddy and I cannot resist kissing you there every chance we get. Your appetite is incredible. You eat every chance you get! And you reach for my food with determination even though you have had nothing but breastmilk at this point. This is part of the reason why you are still no where near sleeping through the night.

  You amaze us with all that you can do. You can almost sit by yourself, love to roll around, put everything in reach straight in your mouth, hold your feet, try to sing back to me before bed time, stand up with help and stomp your feet. You are growing so fast and I love to watch you learn new things and take in the world around you. But please don't grow too fast. Take your time being this sweet baby girl, there is no rush.

  I love you more and more every day. I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings for us. And all of the days after that...



  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope all is well with you!
    I have missed "hearing" from you!
    Take care :-)

  2. ^^^Ditto-I love reading your blog and I hope everything is still as wonderful as in your last post!



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