My Best Friends Wedding....

It seems like I have been doing a lot of picture only posts lately. But really what captures the essence of a wedding better than the photographs? Now I don't have any of the professional pictures yet but here is the day summed up in photos taken by myself and some of the other bridesmaids:
We woke up early for a nice stroll on the beach before getting our hair and make up done.

the wedding

the bride & groom

the cake
(made by the brides grandma)

the matrons

the centerpieces

the shoes

the speech

my favorite boys

The wedding was beautiful and as for the bride, there are no words to describe how incredible she looked. They are currently on their honeymoon and as I stare out my window to see nothing but dark clouds and rainstorms I hope that their view is a lot better :)

Steppin' Out Friday 3-25-11

dress: American Eagle
shoes & cuff: Francesca's Collection
belt: Forever 21 (came with an oufit)
earrings: F21

This was my outfit for the rehearsal dinner which was held at the hubs favorite place to eat by the beach. It was such a great time and so was the wedding! Pictures of that to come soon!

My best friend is getting married on Saturday! The rehearsal is tonight and rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night. That means I am one busy bee for the next 72 hours. I'm off to pack and head to my momma's house. I will be back after the weekend! And with lots of pictures to share :)

Relaxation FAIL

Between work and Love, Megan stuff and cleaning and preparing for my best friends wedding, I am exhausted. All of my work days (I work three 12 hour days a week) collided last week and this week making me a very sleepy girl, with very little patience for anything.

So on my way home from work last night I decided I needed a bubble bath. and wine. lots of wine. The hubs was out for drinks with a friend so when I got home I quickly took the pups out and started filling up the tub. As well as a big glass of wine.

I sit down as the tub starts filling up and think how this is just what I needed. But apparently the flowing water was too much for Wentworth to handle and he peed all over the bathroom floor. I get out of the tub to clean it up and slip and fall right on my butt. Ouch.

After a quick clean up I hop back in as the tub is reaching it's halfway mark. That's about when the hot water ran out... I quickly turn off the water and sit back in my bubble-less, half filled tub and sigh. I sat in there for about as long as I could (maybe 4 minutes or so) but because I was freezing I was forced to get out.


So much for relaxation.

And now I must try to put my house back together before I leave on Thursday for the wedding. Oh and did I mention I still need to write my Maid of Honor speech?



In honor of St. Patty's Day I thought I would share one of my favorite memories from this green holiday.

Thanks to my creative babysitter I spent a week building a trap specifically designed to catch leprechauns. Actually, I built several traps. And in these traps I placed things that I was sure a leprechaun could not resist. Legos, cheeto balls, pennies, a barbie. You know, typical leprechaun things.

On St. Patricks Day I set my traps up all over her yard. I peeked around the corner of the house and hid behind trees for hours (or at least it seemed like hours). I wasn't hoping for gold, I was strictly after the luck. So when nothing happened I was really disappointed. I went in for a snack... and may or may not have eaten those cheeto balls that had been on the ground all day. Don't judge, I was five! When I came back out low and behold there was a little leprechaun waiting in one of my traps.

For some reason I didn't question the fact that this "leprechaun" was a little potato man figurine dressed in a green vest and top hat. Not really sure what he was actually supposed to be but to me he was real. I truly believed he brought me luck and for the longest time whenever anything good happened I would thank him for it. He currently lives in my mom's attic but I haven't been able to throw him out even all these years later.

Maybe I should give him another chance and allow him to live on my shelves again. It couldn't hurt right?

Drink lots of green beer and be safe tonight! And don't get tricked by any leprechauns :)

Aunt Megan

Monday afternoon while I was on my lunch break I received a text from my dear mother-in-law letting me know that my little niece was coming two weeks early. That meant that by the end of the day I would become an Aunt!

I was an excited/nervous wreck at work! I was constantly checking my phone waiting for an update but it didn't come while I was at work. Once my shift ended I met up with the hubs at Carters and bought everything I could think of that a newborn girl needed (like a stuffed elephant and adorable frog towl with matching slipper. just necessities of course).
While we were out shopping we got the text with the beautiful baby girls picture in it. She was perfect. Momma and baby were both doing great and we just knew we had to be there for this special moment.

The next morning we packed ourselves into Greta at 5am and made the three and a half hour drive to see my perfect little niece.
And my goodness was she perfect! The most beautiful little baby I have ever seen. We were so sad to only have a few hours with her but the hubs still had to close up at work. It was completely worth it though. She will never be that tiny again and we just could not miss out on those first few days.

Her parents are doing great and are going to be such amazing parents. This little girl is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love! I cannot wait to go visit her again. But for now these pictures will just have to do :)

Meet Greta!

She's pretty right? I sure think so.
A few hours at the dealership and a couple of free t-shirts later and she is all mine :)

She's not all looks either, she's also pretty smart. She is great with directions and doesn't even need a key! Fancy. Well that's really all. Greta just wanted to say hi :)

Steppin' Out Saturday 3-12-11

shirt: old navy
jeans & shoes: american eagle
necklace: kohls
purse: vera bradley

This is my "going shopping with my momma for clothes for my birthday" outfit. I was in dire need of some momma time and was very happy to get it. We had a lot of fun and she spoiled me per usual.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and isn't suffering too much from our loss of an hour this morning!

The Baby Blues

I have them.


You would think that working directly with tons of women who just gave birth and their always adorable new born bundles for the past four in a half months would make me immune to these feelings but nooooo. It's weird too because nothing about my job makes me sad (other than when drugged out momma's make drugged out babies).

But seeing the babies make me happy, not sad. And seeing the proud momma's and daddy's makes my heart melt into a giant puddle instead of filling me with envy. I wont lie and say I don't daydream about the day it's finally us being wheeled up to my floor with our very own little person wrapped snuggly in my arms. It's just that those daydreams are filled with happy, not these crummy blues I have going on right now.

My faith is still as strong as ever, I am just a little sad it hasn't happened for us yet. Patience has never been a strong attribute of mine but I am certainly learning that it's going to be a role I have to play.

Now quick, someone show me a picture of a cute baby so I remember why I am going through all of this to begin with!

Key West in a nutshell

As the days keep getting closer to my best friends wedding I keep getting more and more excited for her! Last Thursday we ventured down to Key West for a Bachelorette weekend to celebrate that best friend of mine. And celebrate we did.

We fed tarpons, drank margaritas, sang extremely loud karaoke, wore masks and feather boas, danced, tanned, rode bikes, took a sunset cruise with all you can drink champagne, ate delicious cuban food, got free cab rides and jello shots, pretended like we were on spring break, were serenaded by a rock cover band on stage, shared clothes, laughter and lots of food.

Here, let me show you a little bit.


Such a great weekend! Can't wait for the wedding, just two more weeks!

Steppin' Out Saturday 3-5-11

top & shorts: Old Navy
bathing suit: Target
sun glasses: Ralph Lauren

Sunset cruise in Key West. One of the many highlights from my trip! I cannot wait to share some fun and hilarious pictures with you all. But right now? Right now, I am exhausted! I got in late last night and am now planning to watch my DVR'd shows and snuggle my puppies on the couch.

Vacation time!

I will be MIA for a few days. It's time to celebrate my best friends last weekend of semi-singleness. We are off to Key West for an incredible weekend. Expect lots of pictures when I return.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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