In honor of St. Patty's Day I thought I would share one of my favorite memories from this green holiday.

Thanks to my creative babysitter I spent a week building a trap specifically designed to catch leprechauns. Actually, I built several traps. And in these traps I placed things that I was sure a leprechaun could not resist. Legos, cheeto balls, pennies, a barbie. You know, typical leprechaun things.

On St. Patricks Day I set my traps up all over her yard. I peeked around the corner of the house and hid behind trees for hours (or at least it seemed like hours). I wasn't hoping for gold, I was strictly after the luck. So when nothing happened I was really disappointed. I went in for a snack... and may or may not have eaten those cheeto balls that had been on the ground all day. Don't judge, I was five! When I came back out low and behold there was a little leprechaun waiting in one of my traps.

For some reason I didn't question the fact that this "leprechaun" was a little potato man figurine dressed in a green vest and top hat. Not really sure what he was actually supposed to be but to me he was real. I truly believed he brought me luck and for the longest time whenever anything good happened I would thank him for it. He currently lives in my mom's attic but I haven't been able to throw him out even all these years later.

Maybe I should give him another chance and allow him to live on my shelves again. It couldn't hurt right?

Drink lots of green beer and be safe tonight! And don't get tricked by any leprechauns :)

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