Relaxation FAIL

Between work and Love, Megan stuff and cleaning and preparing for my best friends wedding, I am exhausted. All of my work days (I work three 12 hour days a week) collided last week and this week making me a very sleepy girl, with very little patience for anything.

So on my way home from work last night I decided I needed a bubble bath. and wine. lots of wine. The hubs was out for drinks with a friend so when I got home I quickly took the pups out and started filling up the tub. As well as a big glass of wine.

I sit down as the tub starts filling up and think how this is just what I needed. But apparently the flowing water was too much for Wentworth to handle and he peed all over the bathroom floor. I get out of the tub to clean it up and slip and fall right on my butt. Ouch.

After a quick clean up I hop back in as the tub is reaching it's halfway mark. That's about when the hot water ran out... I quickly turn off the water and sit back in my bubble-less, half filled tub and sigh. I sat in there for about as long as I could (maybe 4 minutes or so) but because I was freezing I was forced to get out.


So much for relaxation.

And now I must try to put my house back together before I leave on Thursday for the wedding. Oh and did I mention I still need to write my Maid of Honor speech?


1 comment:

  1. haha!
    oh man. I swear everytime I try to take a nice, relaxing bath, the same thing happens to me.

    good luck with the wedding & speech!




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