Our Sweet Wentworth

What a night/day it has been. Whew. I woke up for the 100th time to pee around 3am and my poor little Wentworth followed me in and ran into the wall. It was dark so I reached down to pet him and make sure he was ok and the little guy was shaking. After turning on the light (and putting on my glasses) I realized that something was not right.

I yelled for the hubs to make sure I wasn't hallucinating in my hazy state but he saw exactly what I did. Went's back legs were really shaky, he was panting pretty hard, and seemed delirious at times (running into the wall). Being the hormonal sap I am I immediately start sobbing but with encouragement from the hubs I collected myself and called our emergency vet. Four hours and $500 later we found out he was having onset seizures. It looks like these seizures were caused by ingesting something toxic but they can't be 100% sure. We are thinking the mushrooms that just popped up in our backyard?

He was given charcoal (never heard of this) to soak up what was left of the toxins, valium to stops the tremors, and fluids. We took a very drugged pup home and waited a few hours until our normal vet opened. By this point the drugs were wearing off and the old Wentworth was shinning through.

We still have to keep a strict eye on him to make sure the seizures aren't something that are going to be a reoccurring problem but so far we haven't seen any sign of them since the early morning.

My heart was breaking watching my poor baby act that way, it is such a relief to see him acting like himself again (just a very sleepy version of himself). Hopefully he doesn't give us any more scares and that is the last seizure we ever see.

this was the only way we could get the little guy to lay down.
is the hubs going to be a good daddy or what?
yes. he is laying on our tile floor.


  1. How heartbreaking! Praying for a quick recovery and that all is back to normal very soon!

  2. Aww poor pups!! We've been there with scary/expensive ER vet visits too :/ I hope he feels 100% better soon!!

  3. that is AWFUL! i know how frightening it is to see your furbaby in pain. i hope little wentworth (great name, btw) feels better soon! oh and i also think it is awful how expensive vet visits are :(


  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone! He is doing much better now, no more seizures since then!

  5. Aw poor pup :( Glad he i doing better, but I am sure that shook you up quite a bit.



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