36 weeks!

In the past week my belly has grown drastically. I mean look at that thing, it's huge! And size isn't the only thing that has changed lately either. I have been getting several contractions over the past few days but nothing regular. Just my body preparing itself for when the time comes. Which, by the way, is getting so close.

Sadie's movement in my belly has intensified this week. You are able to see just about every move she makes and are able to feel her tiny little bones in so much detail now. It's incredible to think I will be able to kiss those little cheeks in just a few weeks time.

The hubs and I have been working hard to get everything ready for Sadie's arrival. We have been cleaning, fixing things around the house that were long over do, changing out light bulbs, putting together and installing baby gear, all of her clothes are washed and put away, hospital bags are packed. We even started putting up our Christmas decorations so it would all be ready in case she decided to make an early appearance. All that is missing is baby!

Although I have really loved being pregnant and as much as I will miss having this little gal all to myself and feeling her inside my belly, I really hope these last few weeks fly by. I just cannot wait to meet my baby girl.


  1. Looks like you have an active little one waiting to get out. You look amazing.


  2. she has popped a lot...and you wear it well! i saw pics of the nursery and it turned out adorable. i don't know that i'm quite ready to make the official announcement on my blog (or even return to my blog yet, as we're working on moving into a house), but i am expecting too :) i'm sure i'll be asking for lots of advice in the coming months. can't wait to see pictures of her soon!

  3. You look amazing girl! I'm 19 weeks along and just hope that I can look as great as you at 36 weeks!



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