Being 8 months pregnant changes things...

As I have already confessed, I am a twilight nerd. Last year I blogged about my excitement over Eclipse and while I was just excited this year for Breaking Dawn, my current state (you know being just a few short weeks away from birthing a child) has definitely proven that things have changed.

So I present you with "Skinny Megan" vs. "8 months Pregnant Megan"

Skinny Megan arrived at the movie theater around 9pm for the midnight showing of the newest twilight movie with her bestie by her side.

8 months Pregnant Megan was fast asleep on the couch by 8:30pm and opted for the 10am showing the next day and went solo.

Skinny Megan snuck in Starbucks and other sugary snacks to munch on during the movie.

8 months Pregnant Megan finished off her entire bag of popcorn before the previews even started and gave her cherry coke the side eye during the first half hour trying so hard not to drink too much of it causing her to run to the restroom mid movie.

8 months Pregnant Megan also started crying at the very beginning of the movie... and never really stopped until it was over. Darn hormones.

While Skinny Megan managed to watch the movie like a normal person.
I did, however, enjoy the movie just the same! I found myself feeling very grateful that Sadie is not part vampire. I would much rather crave chocolate milkshakes over O+ blood. And although sometimes her kicks do feel like they are breaking my ribs I am happy to say that my insides are still in tact (for the most part).

Stay tuned for next years rendition of this lovely segment when Breaking Dawn part 2 comes out and we add the part of "Mommy Megan" to the mix :)

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  1. Ha! Great comparison : ) I will hopefully see the movie tomorrow at the discount theater...oh, how things change over the course of a year. Because last year I was at the midnight showing, too LOL



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